2 tips for securing an email server

2 tips for securing an email server

Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, teleworking has become increasingly popular. In almost all sectors of activity, it is possible to exchange with clients or consumers in a virtual way. This is thanks to the e-mail server. However, alongside this possibility of working online, there are the problems of hacking which are constantly increasing. To this end, it is essential to secure the mail server to avoid tricks.

No. 1: Define a privacy policy

Setting up a privacy policy means better defining passwords and controlling the accessibility of visitors or members. Hackers usually gain access to the mail server when they manage to fake the password. Therefore, it is important to know how to choose your password(s). And everyone must respect the privacy policy that is in place.

To succeed in this cycle, certain recommendations must be followed to the letter. To start with, you will need to implement the two-factor authentication system. For the rest of the recommendations, you should :

- Avoid using words from the dictionary as passwords;

- Avoid using personal details as a password;

- Create a complex password, i.e. ten characters (letters, numbers, symbols);

- Have a secure password generator;

- Set an expiry time for the password...

2: Update the server regularly

Another tip to secure your mail server is to update it daily. Every time you update, you protect the operating system. Hackers will no longer have access to your information (outgoing or incoming).

Apart from the operating system, content management systems should be updated regularly. We are generally talking about WordPress and Photoshop. These are software programs that leave security holes when they are outdated. You should therefore ensure that they are updated at all times.


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